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Nanotechnology, which is the manipulation of matter at the molecular and supra-molecular scale, is now at the vanguard of novel technological discussions, debates and developments as scientists, policy makers and entrepreneurs endeavor to fully harness its unlimited capabilities to create a broad range of novel utilities. Despite the myriad of well-established scientific and technological tools and processes available, this technology nonetheless remains in its infancy.

A new multidisciplinary collaborative is now necessary, through which researchers with open minds, meticulous abilities and willingness to think beyond their comfort zones will collaborate to create new approaches, and theories for novel nanotechnologies. Though the scientific community is highly motivated to research the multitude of possibilities that nanoscience presents, the adverse effects of these technologies on both the environment and public health remain unclear. Considering these possibilities is of the utmost importance if truly responsible research in nanotechnology is to be undertaken.

These concerns have led to a debate among advocacy groups and governments on whether special regulation of nanotechnology is warranted. Therefore, there is a critical need to develop a methodology describing the regulation of such technologies to prevent the adverse affects of nanoresearch. Despite these potential drawbacks and fears, nanotechnology is a truly remarkable endeavor, with market revenues expected to exceed over 1 trillion dollars annually by 2015. Over 1300 manufacturer-identified nanotech products are publicly available, with at least three new products entering the marketplace every week. The task of converting basic discoveries into marketable yet safe products for societal benefit is the need of the hour.

FiNSTA'14 is the second in a series of international conferences, conducted by Conference Development Center, intended to be held annually through which the diverse nanoresearch community will gather to i) showcase the latest in nanoresearch to industry and academia; ii) enhance the evolution of developing and extend the collaborative vision through emerging research challenges and questions; and iii) provide a forum through which the nanoscience community may collaborate to develop the next generation of "everyman" nanotechnologies (both novel and applicable). Though this conference is intended for all stakeholders of nanoresearch, practitioners, researchers, teachers and students are particularly encouraged to attend.

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FiNSTA December 20-22, 2014


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